Buffing & Polishing Compounds

Stutz Company manufactures a variety of buffing compounds and polishing compounds used for non-ferrous metals, Steel, Aluminum, Plastics, and many other metals and materials. We also develop custom solutions depending on your needs.

Name Color Best Application
T21 (tripoli) Red Aluminum, Brass, Copper
BLK Star Black Aluminum, Die Casting
SS145 Green Aluminum, Stainless Steel
SS254 White Stainless Steel
SS271 Grey Stainless Steel
T100 Red Zinc Die Casting
T102A Red Brass, Copper
WS30 White Aluminum
SOA5 White Aluminum
Name Color Best Application
TL18 (tripoli) Red Aluminum, Brass, Copper
SSL52 Green Stainless Steel
SSL2255 Grey Stainless Steel
Name Best Application
EC6-120 Lubrication, polishing wheels
D240 Deburring tampico and sisal buffs
GS320 Lubrication, grind wheel/saw blade lubricant

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